Carson gave this album 3.75 notes3.75 notes3.75 notes3.75 notes on 2008-01-14.

Sin, or Halo Four on Nine Inch Nails' numbering system, is typical of single releases from Pretty Hate Machine in both content and rating.

"Sin (long)" is, as its name would suggest, a longer version of "Sin". "Sin (dub)" is a mostly instrumental version in a new arrangement. "Sin (short)" is actually longer than the album version of "Sin" but differs in a couple of ways. This adaptation has more subdued vocals, a little more distortion, and instrumentation is altered slightly. Finally, "Get Down, Make Love" is a cover of the Queen song by the same name. I think Queen is an extremely influential group that has helped to shape the modern face of Rock, however, I actually prefer Nine Inch Nails' version of this song. The original seemed to empty to me, like there was something missing. This cover is busier and, to make it feel like the rest of the single, adds more distortion to the vocals. Overall though, I feel that Nine Inch Nails kept the feel of the original.

"Get Down, Make Love" is probably the selling point to this album. None of the remixes of "Sin" make Sin worth buying as they do not add much to the track on Pretty Hate Machine. That being said, "Sin" is one of my favorite Nine Inch Nails songs, and it is nice to hear a new version for a change of pace.

TrackNameCarsonKatherine   TrackNameCarsonKatherine
1 Sin (long)Sin (Long) - Sin 4 notes4 notes4 notes4 notes     3 Get Down, Make LoveGet Down Make Love - Sin 4 notes4 notes4 notes4 notes
2 Sin (dub)Sin (Dub) - Sin 3 notes3 notes3 notes     4 Sin (short)Sin (Short) - Sin 4 notes4 notes4 notes4 notes

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