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With its heavy use of vocal filters, dark atmosphere, use of more traditional sounding instruments, and more ambient sound overall Mythmaker has a more cohesive sound than Skinny Puppy's earlier releases such as The Greater Wrong of the Right.

Several tracks (most notably "magnifishit", "haZe", and "pedafly") almost feel like more traditional genres of music. "magnifishit", with its march-like rhythm and dark atmosphere feels like melodic vocals make it almost feel like a song from a number of modern metal groups except for the slightly heavier use of synthesizer. Bird song samples, airy keyboard, slow vocals, melodic music, and reliance on percussion makes "haZe" feel like Gothic Metal set in a forest. "pedafly" also emphasizes drums - as well as guitar - and has a classic Black Sabbath feel; think "Electric Funeral" from Paranoid. The vocals, on the other hand, are delivered in a rap-like manner. Subtle stereo effects and hard-to-describe synthesized sounds round out this offering.

"daL" starts off sounding like a Dance tune, but quickly develops a harsher, more metal, sound with heavy distortion and rhythmic vocals. Also, featuring heavy distortion is "politikiL". This is a very dissonant track with many electronic sounds and a vocal style that sound like a blending of Skinny Puppy's older albums and the heavier sound prevalent on this album. "ugLi", like "politikiL" sounds like a blending of older and newer styles with heavy distortion, emphasis on rhythm, and stacatto vocal samples which are reminiscent of "Gave Up" from Nine Inch Nails' Fixed.

"jaHer" is hard to describe with its traditional sounding guitar and piano, vocals that are somewhere between spoken and sung, and melodic sound. "lestiduZ" is very electronic sounding, rhythm oriented, with vocals that are almost overshadowed by the dissonant music. "pasturN" has a lighter sound than many of the tracks on Mythmaker and is very electronic sounding. Finally, "ambiantz" is extremely melodic with muted vocals, and a fast pace.

Mythmaker features a good blend of rhythm and melody and electronic and traditional sounds. If you are looking for something that sounds like older Skinny Puppy, you will probably be disappointed and may want to try Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse instead; if, however, you are looking for new experiences and like electronic and metal music than this is the album for you.

TrackNameCarsonKatherine   TrackNameCarsonKatherine
1 magnifishitMagnifishit - Mythmaker 5 notes5 notes5 notes5 notes5 notes     6 politikiLPolitikil - Mythmaker 3 notes3 notes3 notes
2 daLDal - Mythmaker 5 notes5 notes5 notes5 notes5 notes     7 lestiduZLestiduz - Mythmaker 3 notes3 notes3 notes
3 haZeHaze - Mythmaker 5 notes5 notes5 notes5 notes5 notes     8 pasturNPasturn - Mythmaker 3.5 notes3.5 notes3.5 notes3.5 notes
4 pedaflyPedafly - Mythmaker 4 notes4 notes4 notes4 notes     9 ambiantzAmbiantz - Mythmaker 4 notes4 notes4 notes4 notes
5 jaHerJaher - Mythmaker 4 notes4 notes4 notes4 notes     10 ugLiUgli - Mythmaker 3 notes3 notes3 notes

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