Stars Are Out

Carson gave this album 4 notes4 notes4 notes4 notes on 2011-12-27.

A couple of weeks ago, Independent Music Promotions, requested that I review Monks on Mellonwah's EP Stars are Out. Given the name of the group, I had no idea what to expect but was pleasantly surprised at what I heard.

Monks of Mellonwah's sound is difficult to describe. They are definitely Rock, but just where they lie on the wide spectrum of this genre is difficult to nail down. Songs such as "Fire In The Hole" and "Swamp Groove" show signs of Blues influence. Also, "Fire In The Hole" has some Funk stylings as does "Stampede". In addition, there are also hints of Hard Rock and Progressive Rock on the EP. The best general description would probably be the overly broad category of Alternative.

Even with all of these disparate influences, Stars Are Out feels like a cohesive unit rather than a number of songs haphazardly thrown together. The tracks are all highly energetic with a focus on rhythm; even the more subdued "The Neverending Spirit" and "Stars are Out" exhibit this exuberance. The guitar work is excellent and the vocals are strong.

This is one of the best Alternative albums I have heard recently. While Stars Are Out is short, there is no fluff and all of the tracks are solidly performed.

TrackNameCarsonKatherine   TrackNameCarsonKatherine
1 Fire in the HoleFire In The Hole - Stars Are Out 4 notes4 notes4 notes4 notes     4 StampedeStampede - Stars Are Out 4 notes4 notes4 notes4 notes
2 Swamp GrooveSwamp Groove - Stars Are Out 3.75 notes3.75 notes3.75 notes3.75 notes     5 The CallingThe Calling - Stars Are Out 4.5 notes4.5 notes4.5 notes4.5 notes4.5 notes
3 Stars Are OutStars Are Out - Stars Are Out 3.5 notes3.5 notes3.5 notes3.5 notes     6 The Neverending Spirit 4.25 notes4.25 notes4.25 notes4.25 notes4.25 notes

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