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Weekly Observations: 2013 Week 27

So, I’ve been not only delinquent in "Weekly Observations" posts, but on posting in general. I intend to get better with that but finding time has been difficult lately. I have had various weekly activities that used to be on the same days shifted to different nights of the week; so now my time sinks are less consolidated. Also, I now have two residences half a state from each other and travelling has been taking up a lot of time.

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NIN/JA 2009 EP

I had signed up to receive e-mail from Nine Inch Nails about new releases, tours, etc. in the past and today, I found in my in box a message promoting the NIN/JA 2009 tour featuring Nine Inch Nails, Jane’s Addiction, and Street Sweeper.

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The evolution of music in video games

I have noticed a trend with video games lately; there has been much more emphasis placed on the music over the decades. So much so in fact that the game-play for two current franchises is secondary to the music.

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Nine Inch Nails survey

I found something totally unexpected in my inbox this morning, a request from Trent Reznor for me to take part in a survey. I recently downloaded The Slip from their site and, as part of the process, filled out my contact information. I am positive that this is the reason I received the e-mail and not for attending a Nine Inch Nails concert way back in 1995. 🙂

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