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Weekly Observations: 2011 Week 52 and 2012 Week 1

With last weekend being the new year, I did not have a chance to post anything. So, I have combined last week’s news with this week’s for another double-article.

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Boxee Cancels Their HTPC

The last version of Boxee for computers (as opposed to the embedded version) has been announced; notice that I did not say the "latest" version. I am not sure why the Boxee team are abandoning their users, but I will definitely be looking into other solutions since they no longer seem to care about me as a user. Whether you agree or disagree with their decision, you can let them know what you think in the comment section of their announcement.

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Boxee Review

I have been using Boxee for several months now and felt that I had experienced it enough to give it a fair and relatively in-depth review.

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