Mustaine Supports Santorum…So What?

Recently it seems everyone is talking about Dave Mustaine of Megadeth supporting Rick Santorum for President (yes, I see the irony / hipocrasy here). I like Megadeth as much (read: more than) the next guy, but seriously, is this news?

While Mustaine’s music is highly political with songs dealing with wars, economic issues, the arms race, regime change, etc. his choice of candidate is no more important than yours, mine, or anyone elses. We all have different short term goals (long term goals are mostly the same: peace, balanced budget, etc.) and supporting a candidate just because someone famous does is rarely – if ever – a good idea.

This is not the first time I have seen reports such as this either. Does the "professional" news and the Twitterverse think that this will influence voting results? If it does influence results, do they think that it is wise to do so?

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