Music of GenCon 2017

I didn’t take as many pictures of groups this year as I have in some previous years. However, a lot of the musicians have been there pretty much every year since I started going and I already have photos of them.

Still, I do have a few pictures to post.

One of the many bands that took the stage at GenCon.

One of the many other bands playing throughout the convention center that was not on stage. A number of the “unscheduled” acts were theme based.

It felt like the running of the gong. You could definitely hear it coming down the hallway when they followed T. Rex’s instructions every 30 seconds or so.

If either of these bands are yours, post a comment and I’ll update the photo descriptions to include your name.

If you would like to check out my other pictures of GenCon, I have posted a couple videos of the parade, photos of costumes, and photos of artwork. I intend to post more photos over the next week, so be sure to check back on my role-playing blog for updates.

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